• Girls interested in coming to a class that will help prepare them for a school or all star try-out, should check out our class on Tuesdays 6:30!

School Try-Out Readiness Class

  • Boys ages 4 & up
  • Includes stretching, running & obstacle courses, beginning - intermediate tumbling instructions & strength training! 
  • A great way to increase strength, coordination & flexibility.
  • ​Mondays 4:00 & Thursday 4:30
  • Elementary classes work on a variety of tumbling skills, from cartwheels to round-off back-handsprings to lay-outs & full twists! 
  • Divided by skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced & elite)
  • An instructor will help choose the class that best fits your child's tumbling skill level. 

Elementary Tumbling

At Buzy Body, we believe in proper progression of skills & positive reinforcement!

Your Own Practice

  • Daytime tumbling classes for elementary - high school students!
  • Offered to boys & girls
  • Our older classes continue to work on a variety of tumbling skills. 
  • Divided by skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced & elite) 
  • Classes are offered to improve everything from a round-off to elite passes including fulls!
  • An instructor will help you choose the right class for your child! 
  • These classes are available Monday-Thursday evenings at various times. 

10 & Up Tumbling

  • Ages 18 months - 3 years
  • With an instructor as her guide, Mom helps her child to stretch, jump & tumble!
  • A creative fun way to help your little one further develop his/her large motor skills!

Mom & Me 

​Private Lessons & Semi-Private Lessons are always available for extra focus on your child's tumbling needs! 

  • Receive one hour a week on our 42 X 42 cheer floor with a Buzy Body instructor! 
  • Your cheer coach can work side by side with our instructor. 
  • This class will solely focus on your squad's needs.
  • Our facility is a safe place to practice new stunts & improve jumps/tumbling! 

Rent Our Floor For 


Home School

"Just For Boys" Tumbling

  • Girls & Boys - Ages 3-6​
  • Includes obstacle course challenges & beginning tumbling & trampoline, combined with fun stretching & physical activities which will further develop your child's large motor skills, improve flexibility & strengthen muscles.
  • Morning & Afternoon/Evening class times are available!

Pre-School & Kinder Tumbling

(Our tumbling classes are listed below; please call or email us for a schedule of times available)